Make it fun for kids to keep their cup up & out of the Spill Zone

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About Us

Hi! We're Lindsay and Emily.

We met while attending Wilfrid Laurier University and have been friends ever since. Together we've helped each other get through exams, first jobs, second jobs, babies, husbands, and more!

The idea for kid-friendly coasters came to Lindsay while she was cleaning up after her daughters, for the umpteenth time. She was tired of keeping paper towels on hand all the time, or just pouring 1 inch of liquid into her kids cups every two minutes. Then it came to her, she needed a way to teach her kids to keep their cups out of the spill zone! The idea of kid-friendly, fun coasters followed quickly.

Lindsay approached Emily, who had a background of working with startup companies, to help her with the idea, and the rest is history!

We are so excited to share our idea with you, and hope you'll give us your honest feedback on the product!

We're hoping to help your kids move on from cups with lids or straws to regular cups... because... let's face it, if you're 5 and you're spilling your drink - you need to get your "stuff" together. Amirght?!?

Meet Heidi!

Heidi loves pets, but has TROUBLE keeping them off the table at dinner time.

Learn more about her by watching her video and read along with your kid!


Meet Phil!

Phil Loves Rocket ships, but sometimes the captain takes a wrong turn into phil's cup!

Learn more about Phil by watching his video and read along with your kid!



"We're done with sippy cups too." 

Lindsay Hampson  |  Co-Founder

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